We work with our clients to customize classes to meet their goals. We offer one-time classes, multi-class series, and virtual/online classes. We believe that anyone can learn self-defense regardless of previous experience, age, or physical ability. All classes are trauma-informed and empowerment-focused.

These are some of our frequently requested topics and classes. Contact us to discuss your goals and how we can empower and inform you group!

Women’s Self Defense
We cover basic safety tips and strategies and address how to develop situational awareness, establish boundaries, and use your voice. Participants practice simple physical striking skills and how to escape from different grabs or holds. We address how to defend yourself against a bigger, stronger attacker. We can also teach you how to defend against an attacker who has a weapon, and how to defend yourself when you’re on the ground.

This is a great option for women’s groups, workplace groups, church groups, ladies’ night out, moms & daughters, etc.!

College Campus Safety
The college years are an exciting time but come with a unique set of risks. This class will provide important skills for college-aged students, or high school students getting ready to go off to college. Through discussion of how to avoid or handle risky situations, and practice of verbal and physical self-defense techniques, participants will increase their ability to stay safe at college.

High School & Middle School Self-Defense Curriculum
Knowledge of basic self-defense tools is an invaluable life skill. In addition to physical self-defense, the curriculum addresses effective conflict resolution and de-escalation skills. Relationship skills like boundary setting, assertive communication, and developing relationships based on mutual respect are also covered.

Dating Violence Prevention
Prevention is the most effective form of self-defense. This class helps participants learn about positive, healthy relationship skills. Topics include recognizing signs of abuse or violence in relationships, boundary setting, conflict resolution, healthy sexual boundaries, consent, and what to do if you, or someone you know, is experiencing violence or abuse in a relationship.

Consent & Sexual Assault Prevention
Consent is an agreement between participants to engage in sexual activity. Consent is freely and clearly communicated, reversable at any time, fully informed, and enthusiastic. This class helps to generate discussion about consent. Through understanding of what consent is (and isn’t) individuals can learn how to set and respect boundaries.

From Rape Culture to Consent Culture
This topic is excellent for adults and youth who want to understand rape culture and how to make changes. Rape culture refers to myths and attitudes about sexual assault that are victim blaming and help to perpetuate and normalize violence. By increasing awareness and conversation we can discover the power we have to confront these myths, change the norms, and move towards a culture of consent.

Self-Defense & Bystander Intervention for Boys/Men
Self-defense curriculum often focuses on girls and women because they are most commonly the victims of sexual assault. But it is important that we pay attention to our boys and men too. This class provides information for boys/men on how they can defend themselves, as well as learn ways to de-escalate and avoid violence. Issues of consent, respecting boundaries and effective communication are addressed. How to respond when you are a bystander or witness to violence or potential assault is also discussed.

Self-Defense & Bully Prevention for Young Children & Pre-teens
What do young children need to know to stay safe and how can they respond if something happens? This class gives parents information they can use to talk with their children about safety and gives kids the skills they can use to protect themselves. All topics are discussed in a non-threatening, age-appropriate manner so children feel empowered and not fearful. How to respond in a situation where they are being bullied, or how to respond if they witness bullying can also be addressed.

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